Recognition Score

Address Recognition Match Score

The Recognition Match Score is an indicator on how confident DMTI is that we were able to recognize the address submitted. The algorithm takes both the number and type of changes made to an address and the uniqueness of the location into consideration; a unique location is an address input that will only return a single result from Address Recognition. If an address submitted returns multiple results (due to missing address elements in the request) the Score will reflect this.

The Recognition Match Score is a value between 0 and 1. If Address Recognition is able to identify the exact address as submitted to the service, the Score returned in the response will be 1. This value will only be used if there are no ambiguous results and no input address elements required correction.

As an example, in Canada there is only one address at 15 Allstate Parkway, the address of DMTI. If submitted to Address Recognition, even without the Municipality, Postal Code or Province included in the request, the service will return a high Score as it was able to uniquely identify this address. This will allow users to identify correct addresses, even if there is information missing from the input record. However, please note that incorrect address elements supplied in the request will lower the Score as this information may correlate to the wrong address.

All changes made to the address will be returned in the response from Location Hub Address Recognition.

DMTI recommends to use 0.80 as the minimum Score which produces a good recognition rate while limiting the rate of false matches.