Recognition Options

Address Recognition Options

The following Options can be configured when using the Recognition SOAP Service:

  • AllowFuzzy: (default: true) allow inexact Street and Municipality name matching. Fuzzy matching enables recognition of slight variations of names, misspellings, etc.
  • ScoreThreshold: (default: 0.45) only return results with Recognition Score at or above the specified threshold.
  • MaxResults: (default: unlimited) limit the number of recognition match candidates returned by the service. In interactive applications it might be advantageous to present multiple matches to get feedback on which candidate is correct, specifying this option will limit the possible number of match candidates returned.
  • RequireMatchOn: (default: none) array of items of CivicAddressField type. Specifying one or more items will restrict the recognition process from changing the corresponding address component to make the match. For example, in many cases submitting an address with incorrect municipality name will result in the correction of the name (15 ALLSTATE PKWY TORONTO -> 15 ALLSTATE PKY MARKHAM ON L3R5B4). If it is important for the client application to never allow this kind of change, “Municipality” can be added to the “RequireMatchOn” collection. Allowed values are:
    • StreetNumber
    • StreetNumberSuffix
    • StreetName
    • StreetType
    • StreetDirection
    • UnitType
    • UnitNumber
    • Municipality
    • MunicipalityOrPostalCode (either municipality or postal code must match, this option is not compatible with individual “Municipality” and “PostalCode” options)
    • Province
    • PostalCode
    • Country
  • RecognizeIntersections: (default: false) set this option to allow intersection recognition and geocoding. When input is recognized as intersection, the response will be of type LocationIntersection (rather than LocationAddress).
  • InterpolatedOnly: (default: false) set this option to return interpolated coordinates only (instead of high precision coordinates when available, interpolated in other cases).
  • InterpolationInset: (default: 20.0m) avoid placing the interpolated coordinates within this distance from intersections.
  • InterpolationOffset: (default: 10.0m) offset the interpolated coordinates from the road centreline.
  • InferSubAddresses: (default: false) set this option to return a recognized unit with UUAID when the unit does not exist in the Location Hub database.
  • RecognizePostalAddresses: (default: false) is available to support the recognition of a Postal Address. An example of a postal address can include P.O. Box and rural routes. This option must be set to TRUE in your request for Postal Addresses to be recognized and geocoded, however it will not have an impact when processing a civic address and as such is recommended to always be set to TRUE.
  • EnablePostalCodeExpansion: (default: false) is available to only free form or unparsed address recognition requests. When this option is enabled and a valid complete six digit postal code is submitted in the request, the response will include all civic addresses in the postal code.