Address Recognition and Geocoding

The Location Hub Address Recognition Service provides Canadian address recognition functionality which seeks to correct and verify addresses so that organizations can leverage the inherent value of an address with the confidence and trust they need in order to make precise business decisions.

What Does It Do?

The purpose of Address Recognition is for an address to be confirmed as an admissible, reliable address. More specifically, Location Hub’s Address Recognition Service uses advanced logic and address matching principles to standardize and correct the predominant majority of Canadian addresses – making adjustments to formatting, spelling, missing information and component standardization – so that an address can be matched against a market leading Master Address Repository for Canada. The service recognizes both civic and postal addresses – including rural routes, PO boxes and postal station information – and cross-correlates them to ensure you always get the right result for your application.

Once an address has been properly recognized, it can be geocoded – attaching latitude and longitude coordinates. The service takes you beyond approximate locations to accurately pinpoint customers and prospects with rooftop precision. For records where you don’t have an exact address, it also supports geocoding to the street, intersections, populated place or postal code. Additional context is provided about a location such as the likelihood the property exists, whether it is a single family home or multi-dwelling unit, and the property type (residential, commercial or mixed).

Each address is assigned a unique, persistent address identifier (UAID) providing unparalleled matching capabilities to ensure you can always match and link seemingly disparate addresses.

Why Is It Beneficial?

Effectively Price and Configure Products

  • Support real-time locates and serviceability determination;
  • Increase customer service levels and improve customer experience;
  • Reduce errors associated with address mismatch;
  • Resolve issues that delay delivery and service interval problems;
  • Improve productivity and efficiency measures for customer service representatives by providing them with the enhanced information needed immediately at point of contact.

Increase Addressable Market

  • Increase net adds and infill conversion rates during the campaign planning and execution process;
  • Significantly increase addressable markets by improving target address data quality for prospect lists, segmentation and customer location mapping.

Accessing the Service

To access the Location Hub Address Recognition and Geocoding service you must first be authorized for use with Location Hub Web Services in order to have a valid user name and password. Please contact for more information on how to register for Location Hub Address Recognition and Geocoding Web Service.

Once you have a valid user name and password, please refer to the Authentication section for information on how to access the service.

Using the Address Recognition and Geocoding Service

The Address Recognition and Geocoding service is available as both SOAP and REST web services. Please refer to the following pages for details on the services: