Position Determination Code

Address Recognition PDC

With every address recognized and geocoded using Location Hub, the Position Determination Code (PDC) is returned to specify the precision of the coordinates. The lower the value of the PDC indicates the more precise the placement of the coordinates.

PDC Description
10 Centroid of Building Footprint
11 Building Main Entrance
12 Building Driveway
20 Centroid of Parcel
21 Inside of Parcel
22 Along Parcel Front Line
30 Undefined Point Level Coordinates
50 Street Segment and Range Interpolation
55 Street Segment and Range Extrapolation
60 Additional Geocoding Options (includes intersections and highway ramps)
65 LDU (Local Delivery Unit, 6-character postal code) centroid
70 Landmark
71 FSA (Forward Sortation Area, first 3 characters of postal code) centroid
77 Centroid of Neighbourhood Boundary
78 Centroid of Community Boundary
79 PPN (Populated Place Name) centroid
80 Centroid of Municipal Boundary