Location Hub Viewer API

Location Hub® Viewer

Location Hub Viewer is an easy-to-use online web application that allows you to visualize your customers, prospects, physical assets, and retail locations on a map. When combined with DMTI Spatial’s robust data offering, you can better manage risk, increase operational efficiency, identify new prospects, and improve business performance.

Location Hub Viewer API

The Location Hub Viewer API provides developers with the ability to access and control data uploaded and stored in the Location Hub Viewer Platform.

The following two services are available:


The Location Hub Viewer API utilizes Basic Authentication for authorization and access of the services. Basic Authentication sends a Base64 encoded string that contains a user name and password for the client via HTTP headers. Base64 is not a form of encryption and should be considered the same as sending the user name and password in clear text. However, all traffic is encrypted and transmitted over a TLS v1.2 (Transport Layer Security) connection, and therefore the user name and password is protected during transmission.