Address Assert

Address Assert is a service providing customers with the ability to “assert” addresses that are not currently available in the Location Hub database in order to be able to recognize them in future transactions.

Customers can also use the Address Assert service to add client specific attributes to existing and “asserted” addresses as required. Address Assert provides a customer specific database to maintain these addresses and attributes to ensure that each customer’s data is kept separate.

Each address that is added to the assert database will be appended with a unique GUID identifier, similar to the UAID that is associated to each address contained within Location Hub. This unique identifier is the Asserted Address ID (AAID) and can be used to return attribute information assigned to the address or to identify the address when performing additional operations.

If an asserted address contains multiple units it will also be appended with a Unit Asserted Address ID (UAAID). This UAAID can be appended to both existing addresses (those with a UAID) or asserted addresses (those with an AAID).

Address Assert contains two API interfaces to interact with the assert database and Location Hub:

Address Assert Recognition Service Interface

Address Assert requires the use of the Address Assert Recognition Service. This service should be used instead of the standard Location Hub Address Recognition service as this service contains all operations currently available in the Location Hub Address Recognition service as well as operations for use specifically with the Address Assert Service.

If implementing Address Assert, please ensure to use the Address Assert Recognition Service for all service calls to Location Hub as it will query the assert database along with Location Hub on each request. For a complete list of operations available, please refer to the Address Assert Recognition Service page.

Address Assert Service Interface

The Address Assert Service is required to interact with the assert database only. It provides operations to add, update, delete and query asserted addresses and attributes.

For a complete list of operations available, please refer to the Address Assert Service page.